Hemp For The Future

Hemp fabric has a soft feel and stands up to extensive wear due to hemp’s long, strong fibre structure adding durability.

Hemp clothing is so durable that it tends to last for a long time, making it well suited to high visibility workwear, suitable for years of wear. Hemp fabric stands up well to repeated washings, growing softer and more comfortable over time.

Besides being strong, the material is mould-, mildew-, and microbe-resistant, making it nearly indestructible with normal use. Hemp clothing is also very breathable and has excellent insulation properties, keeping the wearer warm in cooler weather and cool in the summer. Those who spend long hours outdoors will appreciate that hemp fabric is UV resistant.

Because of natural processing techniques, hemp clothing is perfect for people with chemical sensitivities. The natural color of hemp easily accepts sustainable dyes and can also be bleached without harsh chemicals.

Of course, nothing lasts forever. When hemp clothing is no longer wearable it can biodegrade completely, leading to a minimal ecological footprint over the whole life of each garment.

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